Got an idea? But don’t know what to do with it. Don’t worry we have solution to all of your problems. TechupLifts is your one stop solution for your creativity. Any idea that comes in your mind needs a great platform where it can be honoured. We want our writers to get everything they deserve. We are honoured to have you sharing your experiences. Everybody needs a chance to be heard. We are here to provide you with the best audience. We are always ready to hear your sparkling ideas. But there are some facts that one needs to consider before sparkling their ideas to us.


Every idea is a great idea and we respect every idea. But we try to maintain our standard of quality. To touch our standards you need to look upon the following guidelines so that you can happily join our family.

  • We are always looking for something unique. Unique comes from originality. We are always looking for an original piece of work which is not published elsewhere.
  • All posts must be at least 600 words. It must contain at least one image which is relevant to the context. This will help in having great experience for our readers.
  • Links play really important role in any articles or blogs. Internal and external links should be used frequently in the content. All links must be used in such a sense that it makes sense to the sentence. No links should be forcefully used in a sentence .it must make value to the readers.
  • The tone used in the content should be user –friendly. One should not stop to explore his ideas. There should be a nice intro to your article. You should move to your main content with h2 headlines. You should conclude your post with eye catching phrases. Slogans are a great eye catcher for any article.
  • For submission one must look for this point. One must email their content with Author bio and Author image. Try to make your bio eye catching.
  • Remember to make your content informative. Try to avoid unnecessary material in your article. Your content should be binge reading.
  • It will take around 2-3 business days for approval of your content. You will receive an email if your content gets approved. Remember if your content does not get approved you will not receive an email.

These were few guidelines for our creative thinkers to keep in mind while joining our family. We can’t wait for you to join us.