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Why You Need Chatbots for Real Estate Business Success

Why You Need Chatbots for Real Estate Business Success

Lead conversion — a term that no real estate business can ignore. Simply put an agent is as good as his conversion capabilities. As a real estate agent, you can be at the top of your game but the moment you stop attracting prospective buyers and sellers, you can fall from your seat of glory. Attracting buyers and convincing sellers that you can help them solve their property issues without fail is not as easy as it sounds. Competition is only increasing as more and more agents are entering the lucrative industry of real estate. While flyers, newsletters, mass email techniques may have worked even in the last decade, today you cannot simply rely on these tricks anymore.

Technology is the driving force behind almost every business idea today and its impact on the real estate industry has not been any different. If you are averse to using technology for lead generation and conversion, you must surely be living under the rock. Things are changing so quickly with newer technological innovations that you have to keep up with the changing times. Until now using real estate platforms was considered good enough but many have already realized that there is just so much these platforms can do. You need to have a personal approach, you need to talk to prospective customers personally and you need to address their concerns first hand. These things rarely happen on platforms that are much too large and depend solely on how users choose to use them.

Social media platforms have to a large extent helped reach the users more personally. But what has really changed interactions is messenger platforms and chatbots. Recent reports have highlighted how users prefer to personally communicate with brands and businesses via messaging platforms and applications. Users now prefer to get real-time answers from chatbots than wait for human agents to reply to their queries.

You will agree that we are living in a time when leads are best found and converted through online means. Most businesses have made their online presence and Real Estate Business are not far behind. You simply cannot let go of the immense opportunities that online conversions via chatbots offer.

How Chatbots Help the Real Estate Business

  • Helps Answer Real-Time Queries
    Chatbots are effective in immediately addressing a user’s questions. If they land on your website or visit your social media platforms, they can immediately chat and get replied instead of waiting for assistance from human agents who cannot be available online 24X7.


  • Chatbots are Available Anytime
    Real estate agents have a lot on their hands. They have to constantly search for leads, meet deadlines, show prospective clients new properties and much more and all this within their working hours. It isn’t possible to be available on chats all throughout the day. Chatbots solve this problem and work outside your working hours as well.


  • Adaptive to User Preferences and Choices
    Earlier real estate agents are solely dependent on users filling out lengthy forms detailing their property choices, budget and so on. Not only was this method lengthy but data collection and analysis were cumbersome. Chatbots have simplified the process of understanding user preferences by asking specific questions. Hence if a person is looking for an apartment, chatbots will not ask anything regarding double-storied homes.


  • Collecting Real-Time Data
    One of the limitations real estate agents have continuously faced is that they have been unable to gather specific data that can make their work easier. Yes, there have been multiple attempts made to understand user preferences but nothing could be easily quantifiable or transcribed. Chatbots not only help answer questions but they also collect specific data that can be easily understood. The chances of lead conversion are better with chatbots.


  • Filters Data Effectively
    As real estate agents who are constantly battling the competition, you do not have much time to spare. Robots and in this case chatbots help in better time management so that you can directly interact with people who are actually interested in your properties. This way you have a better chance at converting your leads. In many ways we can say that chatbots work at the elementary level, interacting with each and everyone, as is necessary, collecting data on the way and leading you to potential buyers and sellers.


  • Helps Schedule Property Viewings
    Chatbots can be programmed to schedule home tours and property viewings without necessitating direct interactions with human agents. Real estate agents can take over once the property viewing has been scheduled. Thus chatbots further streamline and can make things simpler for you.


  • Takes On a 360 Degrees Virtual Tour
    If chatbots come across eager buyers who want to instantly see properties, they can also take them on 360-degrees virtual tours! That’s another way your time is saved and the prospective buyer is not left disappointed.


Effectively using chatbots can not only help Real Estate Business in lead conversion but also help attract newer leads. Their simple yet effective questions are considered far better than the rudimentary forms that were previously used in the online space.

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