The term UX metrics depicts the quantitative data analysis points that are used to measure, track and compare the user experience of an app or website from time to time.

These data are very important for knowing the UX design demands and values in the market. Businesses need these types of data to analyze the performance of their web applications over time so that they can improve the overall performances in the years to come.

If we talk about KPIs, it means key performance indicators of business growth which include revenue, increased visitors, retention, etc. These metrics are needed to analyze the overall performance of a website to achieve higher levels of satisfaction. We will slowly discover why measuring UX KPIs is important for a business. Keep reading

What is the need to measure KPI?

It is very easy for people like us sitting in our comfort zone and judging website application designs and the user experience. But little do we know that it is the easiest thing to judge such designs without looking up to the task that is carried out to gain such positions.

You cannot give your opinion into a matter unless you know a lot about it and so, you must know your users’ activities and interest to measure a website KPI for UX metrics. By measuring the website metrics, you not only understand your users but you can also pave way to better user experience by improving your quantitative analysis.

The metrics call for the success or failure of a website or application and thus you cannot really take it lightly. There are few things that you would surely like to know from your online endeavors which are

  • How well did your blog post perform

Putting up a blog post and checking its user activity is what every blogger does when he or she posts anything on the web or app. The user indulgence is defined by the traffic on the page, the time spent by every user on the concerned page, the page load time, how many times the information or blog has been shared, how many comments are given, how much negative and positive comments are posted, etc. So, it becomes necessary to improve your UX analysis to know all this information and improve your website performance through the same.

  • How good are your social channels functioning

Measuring the performance of your social channels is very necessary to understand your viewers’ and users’ interests. You would want to know how many followers have increased or decreased in your social site. You might also want to know what type of people are your followers and what is their contribution to making your social media presence a successful one. Or do they comment or like your posts? Or is that they are all true followers or just bots handling your social presence. Questions like these may pop on your mind which shall influence your online activities and thus getting to know these are very important.

  • How much time do your pages take to be loaded

To know your UX and KPI, you must know whether your visitors are satisfied with your website performance or not. And one major aspect of a good website is the time it takes to be loaded in just one click. So, your user interface metrics might just be helpful in knowing whether your visitors are satisfied with your website page load speed or not and thereby you can take your actions accordingly.

  • How much device friendly is your website or app

In today’s time where most of the people are using their smartphones to open any website or application, making a website that only fits best in a laptop or computer won’t really draw any user metrics. Rather you must know whether your website or application is user-friendly or not by knowing their device compatibility. This is also one very important aspect of UX user interface metrics status.

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These are some of the data knowledge that you would like to get from your website analysis tests which shall help you improve the quantitative and qualitative performances of your business. But sometimes you must not only go by the analysis, although it’s almost perfect, but you also must not always rely on the analysis methods and keep improving your performance no matter what! So, ultimately the need to measure KPIs is to understand your visitors and reciprocate with them in a way that they remain satisfied with your endeavor and you get better conversions and visitor’s traffic.

What is the difference between attitudinal and behavioral UX metrics?

 In attitudinal UX KPIs and metrics, the primary focus point remains on customer satisfaction score, SUPRQ (standardized user experience percentile rank questionnaire), net promoter score, system usability scale, task performance indicator, etc.

In behavioral metrics, the primary focus point remains on abandonment rate, conversion leads, average order value, page views, task time, etc. these are the aspects of behavioral and attitudinal UX metrics in simple language. Now let us elongate these to understand their importance in letting a business gain success.

Attitudinal UX metrics

Customer satisfaction score– by knowing the customer satisfaction score you can well understand whether your customers are satisfied with you or not. When you get satisfactory answers from your customer review forms, then you can know where your company performance stands.

SUPRQ– this type of questionnaire can help you understand the usability, appearance, loyalty, and credibility of your company’s website. You can understand the metrics of your business well by analysis these answers and by measuring the statuses.

Net promoter score– after the end of the UX tests, you can take this net promoter score test. it helps you understand your website perform well through the reviews of your loyal visitors.

System usability scale– obviously it depicts how good user interface you have on your website. If more people agree on a better user interface or say that your site was easy to navigate than you may go thumbs up with your user experience. If not then you might need to change your user interface or site usability applications.

Task performance indicator– if your task performance score is good then you are good to go with your website applications but if it is less then you must change the way your website is performing.

Behavioral UX me lyrics

abandonment rate– this is simple to understand. In this type of metric, you need to follow those who have come to you but have left without making any purchase from your site. By knowing these metrics you can well know what is letting them away from your products and services. This shall help you improve your business in a better manner.

conversion leads– the more the web traffic and conversions on your website the better are the chances of getting recognized on the web world. If you get more people who are taking part in such conversions then you should know that you are going in the right direction.

average order value– you must check on your average order value for a specific time to know how much impact your business is making amongst the customers. When you get to know that more people are taking an interest in your endeavor and your average order value is increasing then you must know you are doing well in your business.

page views– this is one very important aspect of UX metrics, the more page views the better the website performance. You must focus on how you can improve the page performances so that you get better ideas for your website.

task time– the task time knowledge is very important to know where you stand on the UX metrics. You must focus on how well your task manager services are taking place so that your UX metrics are good in this department. This shall help your business grow and understand your valuable customers in a better manner.

Final thoughts

It is not possible to cover all the details related to UX KPIs and metrics. If you want better conversions and website performance than managing the UX KPIs is very important.

You must blend qualitative feedback and user rating with usability testing to get the best UX measurements. Sometimes, the UX rating and performance also depends on your company goals and how your business wants to get feedback from the visitors. Your business sees growth when the web application user analysis improves and vice versa.

So, you must take UX KPIs very seriously and deploy experts to make it so that you do not miss out on the valuable users in this competitive world. When you get to know the answers to the given user interface questionnaire, it will help you discover the useful insights of your company in a more enhanced way.  Hopefully, this article has helped you understand more about UX KPIs and how it is important for any business!

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