efore we move to the main topic, it is necessary to know some important factors about the On-Demand economy. The on-demand economy is a growing phenomenon in the corporate world. It has quickly taken over the established business models by serving people with what they want and where they want.

People prefer to get everything delivered at their doorsteps like food, car, grocery, and personal services. Mobile apps play a huge role in making life more convenient and comfortable. Uber(on-demand ride-sharing app)and AirBnB are the top players that give shape to on-demand services and are emerging new trend for every industry

Here are some useful stats:

“86.5 Million Americans have used an on-demand service.”

“45 Million US people have offered services in the On-demand sector.”

“22.4 Million users spend around $57.6 billion on On-demand services annually.”

According to the latest PwC report, the market for On-demand mobile apps and websites will reach a value of $335 Billion by the year 2025.

To enter into an on-demand market. startups and even big players are trying to find a progressive business model. As I’ll highlight in this article, the online grocery business is a profit-making business idea. 2019 will substantially impact on the On-demand mobile app economy. It will help introduce the concept of real-time and on-demand in grocery business vertical and foster investment in On-demand app development.

According to eMarketer, last year 18 million U.S. consumers used a grocery app at least once a month — a 49.6% increase over 2017. This year, the firm predicts 22.6 million will use grocery apps at least once a month, rising further to over 30 million by 2022.

According to Packaged Facts’ report, retailers and grocery delivery providers can grow their user base by tapping into different demographics: Millennials and Generation X shoppers — who already use the internet and shop online regularly, make up a major share of online shoppers.

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Rapid Growth Of Online Grocery sale

For online grocery business, these apps are considered as top players, one of these is bound to show up if you are searching for ‘grocery delivery near me’

>INSTASHOP: Online Grocery App in Dubai

>Peapod: Online grocery delivery service in Chicago, the USA

>YourGrocer: Online grocery shopping and delivery in Melbourne

>Walmart Canada: Canada’s Online Grocery Shopping Store.

>Bigbasket: Online Grocery Shopping and Online Supermarket in India

> Ocado: The online supermarket in the UK

On-demand grocery websites and apps are a blessing for local regions. To develop a mobile app for the grocery business, we need to research the market and find advance technology. You just need to hire the best app development company or signup for a ready-made eCommerce solution.

An on-demand grocery app offers convenience by delivering groceries at people’s doorstep.

For Customer

· Time-saving

· High-quality

· Convenience

· Expense Monitoring in real-time

· Greater reach

· The convenience of mobile ordering

· Better customer data

· Free marketing

· Stay ahead of the competition

· Efficient customer and order management

  • Sign In & Sign Up

Users can register and sign in to enter a digital grocery store. Social integration (Facebook, Google, and Twitter) is widely used at this stage to make the whole process a whole lot easier. If confirmation is done, users must log in with their email or phone number. If the customer forgets the password, they can get the password by submitting their email or phone number.

  • User Account Management

Now users can create and update their profiles which contain information like their contact details, payment methods, etc. The grocery app should have multiple numbers of product listings for customers to choose from. The option should be there to enable the customers to search for something they wish to buy. Both the functionalities should be present in the application to make the ordering process easier.

  • Order and Payment Management

Grocery Apps should have multiple payment options to make the whole experience convenient for users. E-wallet option makes customers to use the in-built wallet and use it during the check-out process. Real-time tracking functionality to know where an order has reached can have a massive impact on user engagement as customers would like to know the progress of their orders. Users can also check their order history and give reviews to products.

 For Admin

User Management: Admin should have the ability to add or remove users within the application or change their status. While password reset is an option that customers will be working with, the admin should also have the database of the passwords with them.

Product Management: They should be able to add new products, remove discontinued ones and even edit the details on the page.

Order Management: Admins should be on top of the orders that are being placed inside the application.

Add, Edit & Remove Various Elements of Apps and Website: All the changes should be made within the application — from the users and product information to changing the design of the application — should be made easy operational for the admin.

Payment Management: Every payment detail made within the application including the refunds should be easily available for the admin.

Campaign Management For Email, SMS, Social Media: Admin should be given the necessary features to plan campaigns around SMS, email, social media, etc to attract more customers.

Run Promotions & Discount: The admins should have complete access to feature discounts and other promotional offers across the whole application.

Custom Delivery

Let your customers decide the day and time when they want their groceries delivered. A streamlined and smooth ordering process ensures good order management and happy customers.

Cart Sharing

Cart sharing allows customers to add chosen items to the cart and forward it to their friends. This helps in increasing the cart’s value and have reduced cart abandonment.

Premium Membership

Premium customers deserve special attention. online grocery app gives you ample room to help you treat your select customers as a VIP.

Repeat Orders

Repeat orders will help your grocery shoppers to select the items they use regularly quickly from their Purchase History. This feature helps in delivering better user experience and faster checkout.

Product Returns

Offer easy and clear return policies to build trust among your customers. Returns are an unavoidable part of the business and your store should be able to handle them effortlessly.

How does on-demand app works? (Business Model)

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  • UX/UI designs
  • App platforms to develop
  • Front-end and back-end development
  • Technology stack
  • Testing tools

To conclude, I would suggest that On-demand grocery delivery apps allow customers to get access to groceries at their place. When developing an on-demand grocery business app, then features listed above should be incorporated without fail for both users and Admin.

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