Finding the right mobile app development company in Australia to create your app is a task that should not be taken lightly. Let’s not forget that an app is an extension of a company. Users will judge your brand based on the kind of experience that they get from your app. 

A poorly designed app will only attract misfortunes. It could engineer the downfall of your business or see you spend millions trying to correct the damage it has caused. That is why finding a mobile app development company that can execute the vision that you have for your app accurately should be a priority for you.

The challenge you might have probably encountered is that this is easier said than done.

The search for a great app development company can be a daunting task. Fortunately for you, we have put together a list of companies you should check out. 

But before we begin to discuss them, here are some qualities that you should be on the lookout for while making your selection. They include:

  • The developer you choose should have a portfolio of apps that they have developed for businesses in different commercial sectors.
  • Look for app developers who have created successful apps in your industry because they will understand what you are trying to achieve with your app.
  • Go for an app development company that is known for its outstanding technical skills. App development is a rapidly evolving field.  Working with developers who are up to date with the latest technologies is the best way to ensure that your app meets industry standards.
  • Creativity plays a big role in app development. Keep in mind that creating apps for mobile is all about problem-solving. You need to work with developers who can come up with creative solutions to problems that will arise when developing your app.
  • You do not want your app to be limited to one platform because you would be alienating a huge chunk of your customers. To avoid this, work with a developer that has in-depth knowledge of cross-platform app development.

To top it all off, only hire an app development company in Australia that has a great work ethic. App development takes a long period of time. You will want a developer that can deliver when the pressure starts piling up.

That said,  let’s take a look at some of the best app development companies in Australia. 

The Top App Development Companies In Australia.

The companies on this list have all the qualities we have discussed. Take your time to learn more about each before settling on them as your preferred app developer. 

  • Mad About Apps: Best Mobile App Development Company in Australia

Top on our list is Mad About Apps. This is a trusted best app development company in Australia with experience that spans dozens of industries. The fact that they have been in this industry longer than most companies works in their favour.

In that time, they have managed to create a broad range of successful apps that have transformed businesses. Mad About Apps develops apps across all the major platforms and only uses the best talents in doing it. 

Some of the industries they have created apps for include healthcare, real estate, automotive, retail and e-commerce, education, just to name a few. 

  • OpenXcell

One of the pioneers of app development in Australia, OpenXcell has a history of being honest, open and dependable. They are known for delivering powerful apps that are efficient and a joy to use. They also have the technical capabilities to develop cross-platform apps that are balanced and resource-friendly.

  • Swanson He

Swanson He has been around since the first apps launched on the iPhone. They have been part of the mobile apps revolution all along. This makes them one of the best app development companies that you could hire. The fact that they focus on the user experience above all else shows in the impressive portfolio of apps they have created. They also offer their clients technical strategies and product guidance.

  • Elegant Media

This is another app development company that has the advantage of experience on their side. They have worked with numerous clients in the period they have been active and nothing but good things can be said about their services. They have built successful apps for government institutions, SMEs and big brands. If you have a crazy idea for your app, this is the company that will make it a reality for you.

  • App Boxer 

App Boxer is an app development company that can go toe to toe with any major developer and still hold their own. What makes this impressive is the fact that it is relatively a young company in the game. But they have been growing at an astounding rate. Their reputation for affordable services has made them a darling in the startup and SME communities.

  • Ripen Apps

Ripen Apps was established by industry leaders who had one vision; to be the leading app development company in Australia. They are very serious about this goal. Their impressive portfolio speaks for itself. Ripen Apps has worked with numerous businesses in Australia to enhance their productivity and reach through mobile apps.

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  • Cubix 

Cubix has been developing mobile technology for over eight years. In this time, they have created mobile apps and mobile games for a wide range of clients in Australia. The talent at Cubix has knowledge in different fields such as the Internet of Things, Machine learning and Artificial intelligence. Hiring them for the development of your app will give you access to some of the best minds in the app development industry.

  • Idea Box

Idea Box is a company that is on the rise to the top. They are known for their hands-on approach when it comes to app development. Their impressive track record proves that they can conceptualise and realise very complex and challenging app ideas. 

  • App Gurus 

App Gurus is a popular app development company in Sydney with an impressive portfolio. Their app designs are some of the most groundbreaking in the industry. The fact that they have worked for major companies and brands makes them the perfect choice for major projects.

  • Konnect Applications

If you are looking for an app company that comes up with creative solutions for every app they develop, Konnect Applications is your best bet. They are known for converting intricate app ideas into simple but powerful and agile applications.  Their rates are some of the most affordable in the industry and they are famous for their open and dedicated team.


Businesses that have developed successful apps before will tell you that finding the right app development company in Sydney to work on your project is easier when you know how to do your search and where to look. That is all we have provided you with in the guide. What remains is for you to launch into action and start your search. All the best!

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