Businesses, both small and big, have had to migrate to digital platforms to widen their user reach. However a simple one-time migration is no longer enough. You must constantly evolve and learn in order to survive. It has also become extremely important to constantly work on improving your skill set. In fact according to the World Economic Forum, 42% of core skills that are currently deemed important will change in the next decade. Labelling this as a global reskilling revolution, they are estimating fast changes as we become further embroiled into the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

Of course there is no denying that today both eLearning and eCommerce have become very popular. eLearning platforms are being used by multiple industries for improving employee skill set, for teaching new concepts to students, for making education fun and interactive and much more. While developing an informative and interactive platform is very important, that’s not enough. You will need to host it on a platform that is accessible. That’s why you should look for the best e-Commerce marketplace solution. Below we shall list 5 of the most upcoming eCommerce marketplace solution providers that are built to create, promote and sell all types of eLearning platforms. 

IcreonBest e-Learning  Software Development Company

Icreon is a digital innovation company that focuses on creating marketplace solutions that are poised to help launch eLearning platforms in a big way. The company has a business-oriented, solution-driven approach to things which is why it is among the top digital solutions company. What is unique about the company is that it approaches every client differently and understands that every eLearning platform is developed for different purpose. A one-solution-fits-all isn’t something they inherently believe in.

Every eLearning solution is developed keeping small term and long term goals in mind. Icreon understands and acknowledges them and develops eCommerce marketplace solutions to fit in accordingly. From understanding the client’s digital landscape to offering multiple digital revival possibilities, the company builds a marketplace system that is all-inclusive. If you have created an eLearning platform and looking for a long-term partner, Icreon is your partner.  

Brainvire Infotech Inc – e-Learning Platform Software Development Company

Brainvire Infotech Inc. is a forward-thinking company equipping small and medium sized companies as well as start-ups with digital strategies to improve their infrastructure, applications and reach. Brainvire has been conceptualizing and developing eLearning solutions for schools, colleges, universities and other private educational institutions. They are known to build fully-integrated software solutions that can be easily used by the student and teaching community. 

The company has been forerunners in developing eLearning platforms that can easily be hosted and marketed through efficient and indigenously developed eCommerce marketplace solutions. Apart from developing web-based eLearning and LMS solutions, they are also adept at building educational websites, school administration system, educational game development, centralized school management software, library management systems and more. They focus on developing fully integrated software solutions that improve the quality of education while also making them easily comprehensible for students, teachers and parents.   

Curotec – E-Learning Platform & Development.

The idea behind using an eCommerce marketplace solution is to enable the eLearning platform to reach more people who in turn can use it easily and without any glitches. If you want your eLearning platform to reach more people, then you need a stable eCommerce solution. That’s exactly what Curotec offers. As a digital solution provider company, Curotec has established its name by building designs and solutions that are user-friendly. One of the core beliefs of the company is to connect customers with clients using a seamless medium. They build that medium (read eCommerce marketplace solution). But that’s not all. Curotec also has the expertise to build eLearning solutions from scratch.

From application development to eCommerce development and developing digital strategy, over the last 10 years Curotec has made a name for itself for delivering beyond their promises. The company is especially equipped to support the niche requirements of start-ups and small enterprises. 

Forbytes E-Learning Platform & Development Company

Building an e-Learning platform is not enough. You have to market it effectively so that it reaches and is adapted by your target audience. This is exactly what Forbytes delivers. It helps clients build a platform that is effective, efficient and deliverable. In other words it uses technology to grow your business in the direction you want it to grow. The company focuses on making small improvements that helps you to customize according to industry and audience need. You can achieve remarkable results thanks to the dedicated and concerted efforts of Forbytes. 

With the help of Forbytes eCommerce development services you can capture the attention of your audience. The company focuses on developing a complete eCommerce platform that can work as a marketplace for a long period of time. 

Panda Group – eCommerce platform development

Panda Group is an eCommerce development agency that specializes in migrations to Magenta CMS. The company is full of young talented youth who have come together to offer wide range of developmental services to clients. Among the many services offered by Panda Group, one is the seamless integration of ERP, CRM, PIM and other systems into business modules.

All eCommerce platforms today must ensure shipping integrations, Google merchant center integration, payment gateway integrations and Custom integration with third party providers/services. Panda Group ensures that these things are well taken care of.  

eLearning has become an important part of today’s education system. Numerous educational institutions have seamlessly adopted and integrated efficient modules to improve their teaching methodologies. However creating a world-class eLearning platform isn’t enough. It must be marketed properly in order to reach the right people. This is why eCommerce marketplace solutions assume importance. Since there are numerous types of eCommerce platform development available, the right one should be chosen for your purpose. That’s why you have to look for a digital solutions company that offers comprehensive integration tools that allows you integrate, assimilate and market your eLearning platform properly.

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