A drip campaign is also known as drip marketing, lifecycle emails, or autoresponder, often used in the business or marketing emails sent to the customers at a particular scheduled time. When a certain number of people do a specific activity such as visiting some related websites to your business, mails are arranged accordingly. Factors like looking up some courses, products, or those who show interest in buying something assist in sending emails. These documents or emails are sent weekly, monthly, or any period, updated by the organization.

Some people manage these, and these messages or emails could be modified or personalized. According to the recent update of the company’s tagline or the person, it is sent to.

Why do you need A Drip Campaign?

A drip campaign or the autoresponders can be considered one of the important elements which are very helpful in your marketing, business, or online business. It helps you to increase your sales which could convert your visitors to your customers. It is a great option to stay in touch or communicate with your clients, building a wonderful relationship with them. This could help infrequent purchases, promote the organization, and wake up your customers who got distracted. Thus, having a greater impact on them shows them that you are a great company fulfilling their needs. Drip email campaigns can be a great option to present your perspective and views to your customers, which will make them believe in you in a better and efficient manner.


These emails are usually triggered depending on the user’s relevant data or their action. It could be done in the stepwise method, which firstly includes the need to set how many emails and at what time, rate, and number it is to be sent for specific action. And then, your next step will be to personalize the given messages in ways such as contact details and their reference according to their actions. This will create a good impact and a nicer approach to your customers resulting in your advertisement and profit. This certainly holds a greater chance to get a response action as it is more relevant to them. Some companies have also got great benefits from a welcome email series that soothes the customers, attracting them to your business. Thus, the brief explanation of the product in a transparent manner impresses them to buy it.

The importance of drip campaign

Now the trend and the profit of online marketing have increased drastically. And everyone wants everything to be available at the doorstep where data and reaching out to be the customers are important factors and the key to success in this business. It is where the internet works amazingly: sending you personalized emails or messages can impact a very large number of customers, having an emotional connection along with trust gained upon you. This will happen when you convince and demonstrate your way of service and product specifications in terms of quality, cost, and usefulness. And the drip campaign is a superb way to do that.


These automated emails or messages can give you great benefits and profits if applied correctly. These are much more effective and are done with very little time and effort than other customer contact and advertisement types. Some studies have even studied that more than three-fourths of the customers are affected by its greater relevance. And there may be several times when some wanting customers are all up to buy from you, but they need assurance as greater clarity and knowledge of the products you are managing before deciding to buy. In that case, you could help them understand and convince them about the product and services and answer some queries, just like having a proper formal sales conversation over a set of mails.

What makes A Drip Campaign Successful?

One of the major factors which automated emails work on is connecting with customers and prospects. This can have a considerable effect. A successful drip campaign can be nurtured by some of the steps, which are as follows;

  • Setting your goal and planning to achieve it
  • The frequency of the messaging, offers, taglines.
  • Subject lines to grab customer’s attention.
  • Deciding the number of emails to be sent
  • Tracking the metrics.


First, you have to inspire the customers to make their first purchase. For example, you are connected to the products but not bought anything. Then bringing old customers and purchasing before but are not frequent that in recent times and try to sell a product to someone who has visited your page once but has not purchased anything, where it has the scope of marketing to a newer person. All these are only by the use of lifecycle emails. Then the second step will be by analyzing the data at which time the respective person is browsing, which will help overcome traffic timings and reach your mails out clear to the customer in a certain priority.

And about the number of emails, you need to experiment on the number of mails and on which date it works better and perform accordingly. The third step involves a trick of the attention-grabbing option, which is referred to as the tagline, which should be unique and attractive which will tend to the customers to suddenly click on the mail, which will increase the open rates. Along with that, you can also experiment with the offers, sales, and bonuses, or cashback and could alternate playing with the subject line and the offers. These can bring a sudden hike in your number of customers. Then you have to study by only one mail if the person wants to receive it further or not and work accordingly. However, the three transaction emails are constant to confirm the order, shipment, and receipt. And the last step is to track some metrics such as click rates, open rates, sales, product offerings, and unfollow rates and have to study wisely and work in a smart aspect.


Drip campaigns have successfully established a new way to reach out to the intended customers in a very friendly manner and helped the online business platforms make a profit in very learned ways. And they are connecting with the customers for a longer time and maintaining the transparency of the deal and products, making the brand a more trusted one

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