Online reputation is the most sacred thing for businesses in today’s competitive market. You may like them (or not), but you definitely cannot ignore them. What customers think about you, what their experiences were with your products and services is important for your company’s goodwill in the long run.

While it is true that you won’t always get positive feedback on review websites, ignoring them completely will not help your cause either.

Why are business review websites so important?

So That’s because research shows that almost 93% customers prefer to read reviews before making any online purchase. This means that if you want your business to flourish in the online space, you need to pay attention to reviews and ratings right away. Of course it is not easy to get a review from customers, especially if you are new in the block. There is also the threat of negative (and useless) reviews flooding your page. But you have to navigate these treacherous conditions because at the end, you will get good, useful and helpful reviews that will build your reputation and offer you the edge over your competitors.

Why Business Reviews Are So Important?


A while back, who would have thought that reviews can shape (or break) a business. But that’s exactly what reviews are doing today. Today consumers have a voice and the Internet has become a potent medium for them to express their likes and dislikes. Customers tend to ignore brands which hardly have online footprint and reviews. On the other hand, they may prefer new and upcoming brands which have commendable reviews and ratings online. Below we list a few reasons why business reviews are so important.

  • They Shape Company’s Online Reputation – Bad reputation may hurt for a short period of time but faults can always be rectified. But there is hardly any cure for no reputation. If customers do not find reviews about your products or services, they wouldn’t want to try what you have on offer. You cannot build your goodwill in the digital space if there are no reviews and ratings to shape your credibility. It’s just your assurance instead of customer conviction. There isn’t much scope of conversation in such a scenario.

  • Helps In Business Growth – Online reviews and ratings are not simply essential for your reputation but also for the growth of your business. It is true that there would be numerous negative feedbacks which can be disheartening but at the same time you will also get innumerable positive and constructive feedback that should help your business. Every business can improve their products quality, customer relationship, pricing, logistics and more. Constructive criticisms help expedite the process.

  • Improves your SEO Score – It is a no brainer that the more your business finds mention on online space, it helps in improving ranking of your website. Google uses reviews as a strong signal for ranking as per its latest algorithm. Your brand name finding mention in different review sites would boost your traffic and rankings.

  • Loyal Existing Customers – Customer loyalty is hard earned these days. In a world driven by social media interactions your business needs to constantly keep existing customers in good humor. Positive reviews and ratings help as these vindicate the trust that your existing customers have upon your brand.


Top 10 Consumer & Business Review Websites


Amazon :

Amazon is known to be the leading online store around the world. But that’s not all. The review and rating system that Amazon has in place is one of the best. Customers throng to the online store to check reviews and ratings as much as they do to buy products. Not only does Amazon have a huge repository of products and services (quite like its namesake – the rainforest), it also has a transparent reviewing system. This means that customers prefer to check reviews on Amazon first even if they make the final purchase elsewhere.

Angie’s List: Business Review Websites

A positive review on Angie’s List is a big deal. It means you are doing it right with your customers. The US based review listing site is top-rated and considered highly credible. The reason – customers have to pay to become members. This means anyone and everyone cannot write and post a review on Angie’s List. Reviews can only be posted by verified users. On the other hand, businesses can freely set up pages for their company and respond to reviews, if necessary.

Better Business Bureau

BBB is really the platform for reviews and ratings if you are serious about customer feedback and satisfaction. The platform is excellent for SMEs who are looking to expand their business reach. There is a grading scale on BBB from A+ to F that is based on numerous factors such as customer reviews, complaints and resolutions etc. Good rating on the platform not only means you have the good faith of the customers but you also increase your online exposure exponentially. Do note that as a business, you will need to pay to register yourself. Getting a BBB listing is a big deal. It simply means you are doing the right things for customer satisfaction.


Customers can review products on Epinions. This is less of a space for retailers and service providers but more for producers and manufacturers. The review and rating system is quite alike to Amazon’s except the fact that it doesn’t have an ecommerce functionality to it. The feedback on the site is authentic and can help companies improve their products or services.


Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world. Business pages on Facebook are a huge deal. These pages form direct communications channels for customers to share their feedback. In fact feedback and reviews on your Facebook business page can make or break your reputation. Facebook is known to be an effective platform for digital marketing but it is also a trusted channel to gather good reviews and ratings. It is especially effective for small and medium-sized businesses.


if you have a retail store or any other kind of physical storefront, earning reviews and feedback on Foursquare should be among your goals. Though it was launched in 2009 as a social media site, today it has adapted itself to be the best place to ‘check in’ geographical locations and the reputation of the business. As a business owner, you can enter your details about your operations such as the physical address, landmarks, phone number etc. Users can add reviews for your business regarding your store’s accessibility, ease of transport, customer service etc. Do not doubt Foursquare’s credibility. It has over 55 million monthly active users and a database of 75 million businesses.


TripAdvisor has the best and verified reviews in the hospitality industry. From hotels and restaurants to art and entertainment it offers the best reviews for the travel industry. It is the largest travel site and has already logged in over 225 million reviews, photos and opinions. From customer comments on airfare price, travel guides, restaurants and food, rental services and more, you can get it all here. In fact, the average person checks TripAdvisor ratings and reviews before planning most trips. If you are into the hospitality sector, higher ranks on TripAdvisor based on your location is crucial for the success of your business.



Yelp is another popular business review website that allows users to post reviews about businesses, stores and services freely. Since it is a free site, a business is free to register itself. Users too can freely signup on Yelp. Reviews on the site can range from very good ones to really nasty ones which means you would have to balance responses accordingly. Responding to customer feedback makes a lot of difference on a platform like Yelp. Good reputation on this site can mean a huge boost for your business.

Google My Business

Google is the big boss of the Internet and there is no denying this fact. Whenever you search something on Google, you will see a reviews section on one corner. That’s a big deal for your business reputation. Users can directly post their reviews (of brands, shows, movies, restaurants, etc.) using Google My Business. In order for your site to be properly optimized, especially if you have a physical business address, you need good reviews and ratings here. Positive reviews, pictures, and comments give your SEO a boost.

Cdnpages: Best Canadian Business Review Website

Canadian website Cdnpages follows new techniques and algorithm for business listing and the online review management algorithm is designed strategically with the aim of supporting a company’s marketing strategy and improving overall business performance. Cdnpages platform designed especially for SMB’s and entrepreneurs. Apart from being an online business listing services, Cdnpages also provides customized marketing packages that help you showcase your business information efficiently and effectively.  it is not only the best business reviews websites but also manage the online reputation of businesses. As a growing platform, Cdnpages is ideal for small businesses to enhance their credibility and trust among customers. our cdnpages website is receiving an overwhelming response from customers and businesses. Customers are finding reviews helpful and genuine.


Business review websites help cement your credibility and reputation on various online platforms. It also opens a window for you to understand customer sentiment. Not only do you get the chance of improving your business operations, products and services, you also get to know the loopholes in your messaging. If you are open to criticisms, you should pay attention to what’s being mentioned on review and rating platforms.

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