Having the best mobile app development company create or redesign your app is the first step you should take in avoiding mistakes that could make your investment a waste. Next, learn as much as you can about app marketing, especially if you are the one doing it.

That said, maybe you have just realised that people are not downloading your app or those who had installed it are quickly uninstalling it and giving you bad reviews. Chances are you made the mistakes below.

1. Poor Research About Your Target Market

Without proper audience research, you will not have a better understanding of your audience. And not knowing what your target audience cares about leaves so much room for errors that may prevent you from accomplishing your goals.

You need to know their habits, attitudes, preferences, behaviour, interests and so on. Fully uncover who they really are, what they want and whether your app can meet their needs and expectations.

2. Not Encouraging Users To Review Your App

App reviews always play an important role in how users perceive your app. if it has a lot of positive reviews and higher ratings, they will be encouraged to download it.

Social proof influences in-app purchasing decisions as well and also increases your rankings on the app stores.

If you ignore the need to encourage users to review your app, your app may never enjoy the benefits that come with social proof. You will also not receive feedback on where to improve or features that are attractive to your users.

Make use of plugins such as Appirater which prompt users to review your app. Make it easy for users to review your app. Run contests that entice users to review your app.

However, avoid giving incentives for positive reviews. Instead, give users reasons to use your app and let them share their experiences.

3. Ignoring User Engagement

You are going to need a lasting business relationship with your customers if your app is to succeed. Answering their questions on time, responding to their suggestions and generally being available to engage them is one way to foster your relationship.

Also, make it easy for them to contact you and have resources, preferably videos, that show them how to best use your app. There are a dozen other ways to increase user engagement on your app.  Speak to a good app development company in Sydney to learn how each can benefit your app.

When users love their experience with your app, they will most likely recommend it to their friends and even share it on their social media pages.

4. Failing to Optimise Your App

The main goal of optimising an app is for it to rank higher on the app store. Other top benefits of SEO for apps include increased organic app downloads, more visibility, higher revenue and better conversion rates.

You can imagine what your business will miss out on when you fail to optimise your app. For the best results, hire a mobile app developer who is experienced in App Store Optimization (ASO).

5. Not Using Social Media to Promote Your App

Many businesses use social media to connect to their customers but fail to apply the same marketing strategy for their apps. Through paid ads, influencer marketing, hashtags, video marketing and other social media marketing strategies, you can achieve different goals for your app.

With the help of a mobile app development company, you can come up with a solid app marketing strategy for social media.

These five mistakes are not the only mistakes you should avoid. But they are the major ones you should be careful not to commit. Look for an experienced app developer and ask them to share with you more tips about app marketing. Another way to automatically avoid these mistakes is by opting for the best mobile app development services.

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